• Level your playing field.

    Compete against the biggest brands with Bedrock CPG data insight and analysis.

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  • Move mountains of CPG data into insights—in seconds.

    Automated data analysis quickly uncovers insights with powerful, simple tools designed for your day-to-day needs.

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  • Tell your data story.

    Our Storylines uncover your brand’s story, showing where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

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  • Expand sales and grow marketshare.

    Multinational brands use Bedrock to break into new markets, increase sales and transform into category leaders.

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Our Benefits

Simple To Use

Simple To Use

Our tools eliminate the complexities of analyzing CPG data.
Fast & Efficient

Fast & Efficient

Spend just minutes getting insights to expand your markets and grow sales.
Data Democratization

Data Democratization

Level your playing field with sophisticated market, product and brand insights.

Minutes from raw data to insights.

Scroll right to see CPG data the old way as spreadsheets of numbers. Scroll left to see data the Bedrock way, with charts and graphs that uncover insights.

  • Prosperity Organics

    “We’d been calling on one retailer for five years with no luck. When we met and shared our Bedrock report showing subcategory performance, we got three new items in with them.”

    Meg Carlson

    CEO, Prosperity Organics

  • The Happy Egg Co.

    “Bedrock is an essential tool for interpreting our Nielsen data and taking those insights to both new and existing retailers.”

    Jenni Danby

    Chief Marketing Officer, the happy egg co.

  • Otis McAllister

    “I pull up the numbers and insights with Bedrock on my iPad, on-the-go, and close the deal right there.”

    Albert Bueso

    Brand and Sales Manager, Otis McAllister

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